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I have been into the computer world since it started (TI 100, Commodore, and of course the great IBM 364. We have certainly come along way since those days, I remember loading Windows 3.0 on my IBM from 16 floppy disc’s (Don’t Ask) LOL. I started developing websites in 1996 building in HTML, in 2012 I got involved with WordPress site building and have been in love with it since. I am a graphic artist and have done 100’s of graphics jobs for business’s here in Las Vegas.

I love working with my Granddaughter and have recently hired her fiancee’ to head up our SEO and site maintenance projects so this is truly a “Family Business” .


Tyler has been involved with computers since he was very young. He was always very interested on how to make pages show up in the search engines, so at the age 15 he decided to learn how to do that and has studied and learned all of the best held secrets to good SEO.

“Keeping up with all of the algorithms and Google changes is the key, I join every webinar there is to make sure I can deliver the best results for our clients”

And so far so good – Tyler is one of top SEO guys in Vegas and I don’t just say that because he is soon to be my son-in-law. He does great work and works hard.


Thorn (my granddaughter) just graduated high school but has been working with me for 6 years. She is a Social Media monster and knows how to get profiles and pages seen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and You Tube. She is a very talented photographer and loves doing Social Media.

Thorn works hard to achieve her goals and just recently became engaged to Tyler.

She is getting ready to launch her own website soon where she shows  her talents in not only photography, but also a very talented makeup artist with quite a few “How To” makeup videos already completed. She has a cat and 2 Ferrets that keep her company in her spare time.

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